"De la restauration de la Mosaïque de la Transfiguration de l'Eglise du Monastère de Sainte Catherine au Mont Sinaï. Défis, prouesses et passion" (6e siècle)
conférence par le Professeur Roberto Nardi
le mardi 7 mai 2013 à 19 heures


Roberto Nardi received his degrees in archaeology from the University of Rome and in conservation of archaeological materials at the Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, Rome. In 1982 he founded the Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (CCA). Since then he has directed over 50 projects and training courses in 14 countries, including on the Arch of Septimius Severus and the Temple of Vespasian in the Roman Forum, the Great Baths in Masada, Israel, the Roman town of Zeugma, Turkey, the mosaic of Saint Catherine in Sinai, the mural paintings of the Madrasa Amiriya in Yemen. He has published 80 technical articles and served as an Associate Professor at ICCROM. He is a Fellow of the IIC and vice president of the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics (ICCM).


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